Gary Alan Roberson, MD, MSc, is Chief Medical Strategist and Senior Medical Adviser to Master Medical Network LLC. He is a board-certified psychiatrist and Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) with extensive experience in adult and geriatric care. He was an early adopter of telehealth, a healthcare delivery modality central to two of the companies he co-founded prior to his working with Master Medical Network®. Dr. Roberson was recently featured as a Top 100 Doctor by The Top 100 Magazine.

In addition to his psychiatric training, he has 2 post-graduate degrees (evidence-based healthcare and clinical pharmacology) from the University of Oxford, England. He has started and developed several behavioral health companies providing clinical services, supervision of healthcare provider teams in a range of licensure levels, provided education in Medicare policy and standards of care, and the implementation of telemedicine. His other interests include medical anthropology, specifically, understanding cultural variations in perception of mental health, well-being, and happiness. You can find more information about Dr, Roberson at LinkedIn