David Ben-Arieh is a professor of industrial engineering at Kansas State University since 1990.  He has been working with the founder of Master Medical Network® since 2012, a collaboration that led to a jointly presented educational program at the annual meeting of the American Telemedicine Association in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

His primary areas of research interest are in making the management and delivery of healthcare services more efficient and more effective through practical applications of decision theory and operations research.  His methods include Data Envelopment Analysis to measure productive efficiencies, risk-mitigation studies to structure safer production, and information systems theory to formulate improved means of communicating the right way to do things and the right things to do.

He has been active in industry, including at AT&T Bell Laboratories and at aerospace and healthcare organizations.  He is currently co-director of the Health Care Operations Resource Center at KSU.  You can find more information about David Ben Arieh at LinkedIn